Performance Based Internet Marketing

“Results driven internet marketing with a return on investment in mind”


BF8 Media is a lead generation company formed with the arguably audacious underlying principle that internet marketing should fulfil certain simple criterion, being measurable, profitable and scalable. We fuse together scientific analysis as well as marketing principles to ensure internet marketing campaigns have predictable and measurable results. We can and have applied our techniques to business of all sizes with great results

BF8 Media was established by George Bennett after nearly a decade of working within the internet marketing industry. In Georges previous role, George specialised in lead generation for various insurance, financial and legal services companies.

Since BF8 was established we have grown rapidly, hiring talented individuals, all of whom have been successful in their own respective fields related to e-business and marketing. By hiring talent that is passionate, competent and experienced in internet marketing we are able to adapt to an ever-changing market.

We do not have large offices in convent garden or Madison Avenue, instead the BF8 team opts to work remotely most of the time utilising remote collaboration tools in order to maintain a creative and effective working environment from anywhere in the world. The advent of remote working has allowed us to pool a range of talent from around the world which simply would not be possible should we be static in one location. Not only has working remotely allowed us to bring together the most effective talent it has also allowed us to save money on overheads and pass these savings on to our customers.

George Bennett

George is highly experienced in internet marketing and decided to set up BF8 media after working in the marketing industry for many years specializing in online marketing and lead generation for legal and financial services companies.

“In creating BF8 media we have created a company which we would have love to use ourselves!”

Our Values, Culture and Philosophy

Attain Goals: Identify the goals that our client is aiming for in their business and ensure we attain that goal!

Transparency: Always show the client exactly what services you are providing.

Innovation: Innovate and adapt by making small changes to improve your results daily.

Solidarity: Advise and treat customers as we would good friends.

Client Focus: Focus on providing great customer service for our clients, giving each client a great experience.

Ethics: Only work with clients who deliver long term value to their customers.

Being the Best: Help clients become the leader in their niche market, only work with clients who share this goal.

Honesty: Tell people what they need, and not just what they want, ensuring their best interests are always at heart.

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